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The process of sperm production is very complex & biologically complicated procedure, during
the spermatogenesis, the human body needs special agents to support the various steps of the
development. A healthy male produces a few thousand sperm cells each second, about ten milion
each day and the process of making an individual sperm cell from start to finish takes around 9 to
10 weeks. Only the specific nutrients with a “Just Right” formula provide an optimal precondition
for normal & healthy spermatogenesis..
Sperm Care is the combination of male Herbs, Amino Acid, Vitamins and minerals. It is an
adjuvant preparation for male infertility. Sperm Care nurtures reproductive wellness and enhances
fertility as a part of an overall health and diet regimen. The herbs and nutritional components of
Sperm Care have all been Selected for their roles in promoting male reproductive wellness.”
These Statements Have Not Been Evaluated by The Food And Drug Administration. This Product is Not
Intended To Diagnose, Treat or Cure Any Disease.
Usage : Take 1 capsule twice in a day, after each meal, 4-6 months.
Presentation: 30 capsules (10’s x 3) in blister strip.


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